Ultimate study hack: brain dumping

More and more students are brain dumping to help them learn. Learn how this latest organizational trick can be learned This is absolutely necessary , and you are afraid you will have no time to complete. Write them down until the pressure gets up, and you can’t breathe deeply. The release is necessary. When you’re trying to remember , you will lose the opportunity to focus. Saving information is similar to what it has accumulated at the top of your memory bank, and the pressure makes the study a particularly tortured task Our minds are indiscriminative. They can leave us with anxiety, nervous, frustrated, and tense. When you’re worried about passing your next exam, he can feel the weight of the pressure on you. Altimatic stress, writes it. The information you need to remember, the task lists, and the projects that you want to perform are part of a brain dump. You don’t have to take them all into memory anymore. It frees your space so you can work with other things You will find a new home for abstract thoughts flying around your head so that you can easily identify tasks that can be easily accomplished and exit from your growing list. When these abstract thoughts are not on paper, you will be able to see them in a clearer perspective to make these projects a reality. You can organize them effectively and develop a plan to execute them. It’ll help you Something’s going on It’s hard to untangle. Writing can help. My suggestion is to make notes in the bulleted list and in the additional notes pool that are related to each other, for example: Learn more about the Markle Divider the ideas. Use separate paper or notebooks methods to keep your thoughts. In this way, it will be easier to distinguish between the elements of the product lists and the passion projects so that you can work more effectively on your goals This depends on the brain dump process. I make lists of cases and cross them off as I go, but for ideas or information dumps of the brain, I put them in the notebooks that are specific to the subject. For example, I have a Book Idea notebook, the Student Life notebook, and the Blog Idea notebook (among others), which made it easier to find information relevant to the topic or work I’m looking for. I even have a “Action List” notebook for a few days when I don’t want to use my scheduler Find the method that works for you and hold it. This can be as simple as color-coding When you wrote something, you clean your head. You stop moving, forgetting about it, because you have a reminder elsewhere. It cleanses your mind so that you can focus on the next task. When this is done, you will delete it from the dump and work on the next project Because of the lack of a better word, “dumps” threw your hayas on paper so that you could organize them and execute them without emphasizing others How often, if necessary! When you feel that the pressure of the assembly and the stress are quickly becoming your nasty best friend, do not wait until you carry out the task force that has passed around your head. Regardless of whether you are planning a trip, you collect daily action lists or arrange the projects of the passions-the brain of all of them

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