The art of a possible conversation with tony paul (ceo complete of fleet complete)

Student Life Network has recently sat down with another successful business leader in the series "Guide to working with the executive management of the SLN". Read it to find out what Tony Lauro needs to tell us about the success

Part 1: High School

Fortunately and happiness, my last year in high school was the time I was inspired to get it together. I think my 11th year was lost. It was a dark year, I was a little lost, I wasn't sure I wanted to live with life, and I just came out of class 9 and 10, where I thought I'd be an athlete. This is the evaporation at the end of the 10th grade, starting with the 11th grade, so class 11 was a lost year when I wasn't sure. Then the 12th class was at the moment I found inspiration in business development. I was inspired by this path, and I paid special attention to the technique

I was inspired by a family friend. In fact, there was a mentor who probably was at his end at the same time. I was 17 years old and had a small business consulting: software development, individual development, such things. He was good at it, working a lot of money, living big, who had lots of big toys, motorcycles and fast cars

You know, the 17-year-old seems cool, don't you? I grew up in a low-to-middle class, blue collar, hard labour, immigrant parenting. So it wasn't enough for me to be inspired and thought that this man had no such upbringing as me. He reached that level, and I thought, "How did someone like me go to this level?" He did it as an entrepreneem in technology. I started digging in this world, and I found inspiration from giants such as Bill Gates and Steve Jobs and Jeff Bouzos and Larry Ellison, and I studied them. I studied them for a long time, and I decided to take an educational course in computer science and create a tech company

To be honest, I felt that the technical college program was a quick and effective way to just learn about the tools of trade as such. I don't care about the summary, not about going to some school or university that can help you get a job with Microsoft or Google or something like that. In fact, I wanted to start my business. So, "What is the quickest way to find out what I need to learn to write code and develop software products?" Seneca gave me a very technical, practical, computer science that was fast

Part 2: Secondary education

Well, it's unbalanced because I've always worked. Working both at school and in my business every moment. There was nothing else

Yeah, probably from ' 98 to 2000, when I created what the park is now. I worked every moment of my life for those two years ... I didn' t do anything else. When I think about it, I was a shitty friend, because I wasn't going to leave like I used to. And I wasn't a great son to my parents, I wasn't my sister's great brother or my girlfriend's boyfriend, because I did it. I mean, he wasn't sustainable, my type of health is south. I was from an athlete who had six packs to be a college witch. I have high blood pressure. I had a malfunction. I've sacrificed everything

No, I was a great student because it's part of him. I was totally, not just business. In school and business. So, I was in computer science and my business. So, I'll do great at school, in college

I wouldn't say there were low points because the student, because it was the first years of business. It was just disgusting. It was intense, it was a time from time to time, it was nauseky, it was exhausting, it was a video

Well, these years from 12th grade to the end of college, too, were very exciting, because for the first time in my life, I've been studying something that I've been very passionate about. I grew up, I fell in love with her, I was studying something that was intentional. I was, in academic terms, not a great student, because I didn' t feel like I was super invested in school

The school was a necessity, not an inspiration. However, while at Seneca, learning something that I would like to develop and develop my life, I was in general. I totally had it. So when you taught yourself something, it was so much fun. I remember how I loved C, C++ courses, loved my database administration and architecture courses. Because I'm in these classes, and I'm jealous of what I'm learning, in business sense. It's just so much fun

I don't think I'd say anything

Yes, the problem with this question, or that there are a lot of things, there are a lot of things you could say, " Hey, it wasn't a good experience. Do it, do something else. " However, the thing is, I had to go through all of this. I had to learn everything I learned. And I should have solved these problems; I would have to suffer from this suffering

I believe this is due to the way I got here. That's what I built my way to get to this place. Many of them were painful. I experienced suffering, but it was part of the learning experience. So I don't know if I can take any of this

Part 3: Dream Job

I don't think there's any secret. Many things, including those who love what you do, are incredibly difficult, build a fantastic team, invest in the environment with the best and brightest people you can find, how they will love what they do to you and love, doing this with you. It's obvious, to be honest. You can put a lot of energy into your plan. What is your strategy, what is your plan, why are you doing this? Why do people prefer to work with you and buy from you? And what can you offer to be special and unique? And to stick to it and stick to that plan

It's like the art of the possible. We are in this incredible place in our business, in our growth, where there are so many opportunities. This is infinity, and I think we are more than 100 million business income, not just income and size, but what we do is a lot of fun. To do this with the team we built around the world is fun. The solution to these problems, which we can solve, is fun. It's just so much fun to change the world in our way, helping business in the Navy to thrive, and to work and work

Support my professional success? That's not what I'm trying to do. My charity work really shouldn't support my professional success. It's another way. I think my professional success has helped me in charity

But the result of these efforts was that I learned a lot. I sat on a couple of tips, and now I'm chairing the Hellenic Heritage Foundation and being on this council, as an example, I have the incredible council members I'm learning from. It has a positive side effect that helps in business, only those who learn

I like to learn from the leaders I admire or aspire to work more precisely. That's why I'm following Satya Nadella from Microsoft. I have his book (I think it's called "Refresh"). And I love social media today-you can make a micro-reading because these guys have blogs and posts, as well as the Keyed speeches that you can watch on the Internet. People like Elon Musk, such incredible innovations like Sergei and Larry from Google, even Mark Zuckerberg. I like to follow all the leaders. I'm still tracking Bill Gates, I love his philanthropic work, and his vision is unbelievable

Part 4: The future

Now I'm focused on everything that's going on in the vehicle ecosystem. Thus, you have electrification, vehicles-from gas and diesel to electric. You have an autonomous vehicle, AV. This is an incredible innovation that will lead to a disruption of the work of the lot over time. And then what we call a vehicle connected by vehicles, so that an increasing number of vehicles are connected directly from their production to production, and they become like devices. They are intelligent and connected, like your smartphone, and they can launch applications, they can download materials, they can do something in the air, they can get more intelligent, better, and even subsystems of vehicles such as engines and transmissions, as well as tyres and braking systems will be independently connected and intelligent. We spend a lot of time thinking about it and working on it

The recommendation I give to any student is completely immerse in my life. You will go far beyond the class and the tutorials. If you want to be in a certain industry, vertically, in the field, immerse yourself. Find out everything you can find out about this topic. Find out who is the best in the world in this practice or today. To study them, learn how they got to a level like the best and emulate, to follow this practice. Whatever it is, just go deep and deep

You know, the meaning of being ourselves with the best and brightest and culturally-aligned people is something that will lead to success. Because at the end of the day, the Complete Fleet is not me. This is a collection of some super-talented people. Five hundred now. This belief in this vision and in this mission, as well as passionate and obstinating and intelligent in its field. They're working. And make a ton. That is what leads to success

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