Screenplay format

The guide to format the script

If it can be written or written, it can be written to a file

You want your story to turn into a complete movie? Be prepared to take several steps towards your goal. The first is to correctly format your scripts. There are certain standard rules that all the creators of the script should follow, regardless of what they are

4 key reasons why you should format the script correctly

Very important

  • People who can finance your film often find out how a professional scenario should look
  • Experienced team members clearly understand how to format the script
  • All participants know exactly what the high quality scenario should look like
  • A well-formed script will help you to draw up a set of surveys
  • You will feel confident that you have the correct format for the script. Fortunately, the software takes most of the effort required for proper formatting, but you still need to understand what elements of the script, as well as

    Script Format: General Principles

    You are recommended

  • The text of the specification script should be immediately after the header page. There is no list of symbols, stage list, short description, budget, wishes for the collective, content, copyright, autobiography, illustrations or illustrations
  • The script is written only now. Forget about: “ He saw. He said. He had a joys of joy. ” You should say, “ He sees. He says. “
  • Scripts are never written to the first user. You should always use a third person. It’s not a right to say, “I’m standing and watching.” It should be like, “He’s standing and watching.”
  • The page number must be at the top right corner of 1.25 cm from the top
  • Numbering begins from the first page of the script text and not from the cover page
  • Do not demolishing these scenes until you go to the preparatory stage
  • Do not specify the dates and types “First option” if you are sending a script to professionals
  • Describes how to format the screen you want to follow

    Check the standard formatting

  • Font: Courier New
  • The old, italic, and underlined font are never used (even if this is a comment, even if you want to highlight some important details)
  • Page margins: Upper-2.5 cm, lower-1.25 cm, molding-3.75 cm, right-2.5 cm. The rest should remain unchanged
  • The paragraph is “Hero’s Name”: a blind-6.75 cm, no change
  • The paragraph is “Cue of the hero”: “Cue of the hero”: “C”-3.75 cm, right-3.75 cm, the rest-unchanged
  • The paragraph of the “Note” block is: 5.5 cm, right-4.5 cm, the rest remains unchanged
  • Title page. Turn from the top edge of the page to the third and type a name in the middle. (Use capital letters!) In the middle, in the middle, write a name and a last name. Bottom to right or left (there may be options) to write your contacts (or contacts of your agent). There’s nothing more to write
  • Page Numbering is located on the right at the top of the page at 1.29 cm (12 “) from the top of the page and 2.54 cm from the right edge
  • It is not difficult to format a screen display according to the rules in the list. So just follow them, and you won’t be taking part in a non-professional

    You should be aware of this when formatting a script

    Do you want to look like a professional Hollywood scenario? Then

  • Scenarios. The script is divided into scenes. A scene usually means one scene. Like a corridor. Imagine your symbols, walking down the hall, and walking into your office all the time. Although the time is continuous, the new scene begins when they enter the office. The scripts have a title that is separated from the previous scene by a double interval. Enable character navigation
  • The name of the scene. It must be in uppercase letters. Unindent from the left margin. The title starts with the location of the action. (The “Day” or “Night” entry that indicates when the action is in progress
  • Dialogue. The dialog box is written as a character (separate from the normal single spacing). It starts with a left margin of 7.62cm (2.5 “). A dialog is a 30-to 35-character column (approximately 2 “-2.5” from the left margin of the field). After a conversation, always double the interval
  • Note: It’s very rarely used! It is written immediately under the name of the symbol, over the dialogue, in square brackets. Try not to describe the emotional state of the symbol. This note begins at a distance of 7.8 cm from the left margin and ends at a distance of 6.35 cm from the right margin. At the same time, they should not consist of more than three words and should contain only one line. In the vast majority of cases, the comments are best overwritten by the description of the action
  • There is no need to include the camera’s instructions
  • If you do the same as described above, each script page will correspond to the average of one minute of your movie. This is not always true, but it is often close to truth and has already become the rule in the film industry

    It is better to create a film that lasts 90 to 120 minutes. You know why? If the film is shorter than 90 minutes, the viewer thinks that the film is not worth the money. More than 120 minutes is not the best option, because it’s hard to watch without taking a break. Occasionally, you might have exceptions. For example, comedies may be shorter because people are not inclined to laugh for a long time, and drama, on the contrary, can last longer